Straw bedding

In case of the straw bedding depends everything on the raw material. We especially take care of the selecting of the raw material and supplier. The wheat straw is comming from local suppliers. We have long term contracts with them, so we can check the quality of the straw before the harvest. We take care in time the coverage of the straw bales!

Our products are not only simple grinded strawes. The straw beddings produced by us, are dust-extracted products grinded in 2 steps to 1-2 cm pieces.

We pack them into bags, so in case of usage, bedding process easy to cover over from the bags. The straw bedding does not contain any chemicals, 100% biodegradable. It has very high absorbant capacity, come into being by grind. The bedding sucks the moistration and avoid the binds odours and ammonia.

The absorbant capacity of the straw bedding is around 4x bigger than the straw, because the straw can takes moistration only at the 2 ends. In case of the straw bedding we destroy the fibre and the absorbant capacity will be larger. The fertilizer come from the bedding is already like the „humus”, so it is much more saleable.

The production line consist of precise, good adjusted machines which ensure the uniform size and quantity in each bags.

In case of this packaging methode, the weight of the packed bales are 10kg with +/- 0.5 kg tolerance. Due to the cheaper transport costs we produce bigger, 20 kg pressed units as well.


We put the bags on one way pallets, cover with foil on the top and shrink wrapping. They are storable outside. We deliver andunload the ready products with our own truck to the asked address. The truck can take 25 pallets, (675 bags).


In case of any quotation turn to us with thrust at the Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyezned kell a JavaScript használatát. e-mail address or call +36 30/348-6561