Shiver bedding

The clean and dry pine shiver blow directly from the plane machine to a covered silo from which drain into a truck and deliver to our topped warehouse where we put immediately into bags.

One bags are 10kg with +/-0.5 kg tolerance. We pack the bags on one way pallets. There are 27 bags on 1 pallet. On the top of the pallets we put foil and shrink wrap it. The packaging ensure to keep the bags dry, so it is capable to store outside for longer period. Easy to move with forklift truck and pallet jack. It is protected against pollution occurd by wild birds.

Due to the cheaper transport costs we offer you pressed 20 kg bags as well. These bags are packed similar, but placed on EUR pallets.

We deliver the goods with our own truck to

the customer requested destination. The truck can unload itself (it has it’s own crane). The truck can take 27 pallets, (729 bags).


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